What’s with the Wrap?


If you haven’t been by the truck lately allow me to fill you in with this dramatic image:

If you’re used to seeing our normal pale green with red highlights, this image is in stark contrast. UnderTheButton points out that the truck is hardly recognizable except for the smaller CdT logo that’s included in the corner. I’ve heard some comments of wonderment and confusion as to what’s going on and why we would put a huge advertisement on our truck.

The truth behind the wrap is that we were approached by the marketing firm that represents the HBO show “Entourage” and is promoting its syndication on PHL17 for local Philly viewers. Other than just sporting the wrap for a few weeks we are also going to be giving out two free tacos to the first 600 people who stop by the truck on two separate occasions (tomorrow, Tues, Sept 21 from 1-5pm and then again on Friday at 20th and Walnut from 8pm – midnight). We love the idea of giving out free food to reward our loyal customers and hopefully to attract new ones.

Furthermore, we like “Entourage.” No question about it – it’s a great show and we feel that it fits with our brand image. Entourage’s target viewer audience is very similar to our target customer population. The show is young, fresh, full of energy and fits with the college campus crowd. We like to think that Coup de Taco is more widely appealing – that ours is a restaurant that families are attracted to as well – but when it comes down to it we are located in the middle of the UPENN campus and we primarily target local undergraduate and graduate students. So when we weighed the prospects of the proposal we felt it was mostly a win-win for us and “Entourage” despite us losing our normal truck imagery for a few weeks. Don’t worry, you will see the good old Coup de Green color in a week or so.

Now, if it had been “My Little Pony” instead of “Entourage,” we would’ve had to think twice.