I spent a majority of Friday cleaning my apartment and holding an executive strategy meeting with Jeff. Ever since June my apartment has been the hub of Coup de Taco. My 4 foot wide hallway is crowded with gigantic boxes of paper goods, soup kettles and failed attempts at menu boards for the truck. My kitchen is a complete joke; I am missing a shelf in the fridge for ease of storing large items and my counter top is infested with fish sauce, chili paste, spices and all sorts of exotic ingredients. I haven’t had much time to properly food shop so when I cleaned everything I found myself with little to no food (completely not like me).

It feels good to have my apartment back to myself but it also has me reflecting on the last 7 months of my life. While rummaging through endless piles of receipts and sales slips from the truck I came across a neatly organized pack of sales slips. It was from our first day open at Blocktoberfest, still our biggest revenue day yet. I quickly had flashbacks to 15 hour work days, sitting in L&I, driving Chooppie to Downingtown (more like Jeff driving and me following with my flashers on), washing dishes, running the truck alone (no idea how Rami does it), getting home at night and passing out instantly from exhaustion. I can’t say I would want to or would be able to do it again, but it built character for me personally and that trickled down to our employees and business in general.

Today, I take it for granted that our truck is staffed with some of the most incredible people Penn has to offer. We have a prep chef and dishwasher. My cousin Matthew (the Iceman) has been a rock for us. He has been with us from day 1 and he knows exactly what it took to get to where we are now. There is a strong sense of commitment from all our employees. A common will to succeed, to provide people with a positive experience and the dream of transforming a small start-up business into something much bigger. Maybe that is why we had 8 employees on the truck last Friday (only 2 of whom were getting paid) dancing to hip music. This post goes out to everyone who believes in us; our family, our friends, our employees, our customers and most importantly ourselves.