The Lexicon of the Coup


With every major revolution there is a new order and with the new order comes a new lexicon. I can tell you that Peter, as our Czar de la Propagande, is the manufacturer of the lexicon of the Taco Revolution. You have to come to the truck regularly to fully understand our taco speak and even that may not be enough. It’s mostly our employees who have to deal with learning the language of the New Taco Order. Without it everything on the truck would just be normal. In fact, the truck would just be called the truck – instead we call her Chooppie. In fact, the genderization of inanimate objects like Chooppie and La Yeni (our generator) is part of daily life. Peter’s car is Leslie, his cousin’s name has devolved into Riceman (from Iceman, which came from Matty Ice, which came from Natty Ice, which is a common nickname for a popular, highly alcoholic beer called Natural Ice, which has nothing to do with the actual person, Matthew). The more you learn about the root meanings of Peter’s lexical adaptations the more you learn about Peter’s life, and now my life too.

Descriptive nouns and verbs are involved too – when something is causing an inconvenience in our life it is a “canoe” and when it’s actively inconveniencing us it is “canoeing.” To fill you in on the root of that word would take 15 minutes. The fact that seitan is referred to as “brick” in Peter-speak may or may not be a snide commentary on my early failings with that dish (it has since improved I promise!) In fact, Peter deserves a visit from an anthropologist who might study his lexicon and could conjecture as to the meaning of lexical development in small group settings. (The lexicon quickly separates insiders from outsiders and allows insiders to speak freely while outsiders are around – think employees vs customers?)

The lexicon of the Coup is tightly aligned with the development of the Coup Culture and Coup employees only feel comfortable once they’ve hung around long enough to understand the Czar’s whimsical sayings. If you want to be part of the Movement, you gotta speak the language!