One Pork for the Dog


Customer: What is your least flavorful meat?

Us: Hmm….we try to make all of our meat flavorful. Why do you ask?

Customer: It’s for my dog.

Us: Well, we do place our spicy sauce on the southern BBQ pork separately so we could serve your dog pulled pork without the sauce. Would that work?

Customer: I think so.

Us: Would he like rice?

Customer: Yes. I think he would enjoy that.


Our first official event is now behind us and it was a blast. All in all, Bloktoberfest was a great success and we’d like to thank Josh Dubin for giving us an opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful event. After all of the planning and hard work that has gone into Coup de Taco, it was incredibly satisfying to finally see people eating and enjoying our food.

The moist October day started out in the suburbs around 8:30 AM where we picked up Chooppie and drove her down to the event’s location on Christian Street. Jeff quickly electrocuted himself attaching the exhaust fan to the roof of the truck and we were off and running. The minor electrocution was swiftly upstaged by a surprise health department inspection that left us anxious and behind schedule. We passed with flying colors but the unexpected nature of the visit was quite unnerving.

Around 1:00 PM, having figured out how to fix our water lines, ignite the pilot light on the griddle, and use our new enormous rice cooker, we began to sell tacos. Despite the rain, the line flowed steadily throughout the day and before we knew it the inside of our truck was rocking hard. Manned with condom-esque latex gloves we turned out tacos, rice bowls and salads like it was our business; and in fact it was.

We started turning out food with five of us working different stations inside the truck. The coordination between the five of us was perfectly analogous to a blind basketball team that forgot to practice. Really in sink. Slowly but surely the process started to come together. Tacos toasted and filled with rice were delivered to the stream table to be stuffed with hot meat. After a helping of toppings and fresh herbs the tacos were set on the ordering table for the customer. The easiest way to describe how enjoyable this experience can be is to share the actions of our friend Josh during our virgin run.

Josh had a final exam coming up but instead of studying he spent three hours on a taco truck serving up food. He reminded us that he “had to leave in 15 minutes” about 94 times before he finally dismounted the metal taco beast and headed for home. His constant exclamations of, “This is the most fun I’ve ever had!!!!” also clued us in that he was having a fairly good time. Josh, we’ll meet you at 40th and Locust at 11:00 AM on Monday. See you there.