new things poppin’


wow, way too long, so sorry for being out of touch, it’s great to hear from you, gawd, I’m so bad at staying in touch. all things new in my life in 150 words – an exercise in short attention span writing… new car to comply with PENN ACORN green biz (a subaru, it’s bomb), new tacos coming – think Castro, think IKEA, think oh no they did-n’t, no more hints, Peter’s fridge and it’s diversity of smells has come and gone – she (Peter’s fridge) didn’t like experimental kitchen week and got a little gassy, La Yeni (our generator) got a new home (mi caja, su caja),we have like 1000 new employees – get to know them, each one more amazing than the next, Peter tragically lost his guante (glove) and has gone to City Sports 14 times to try to find a replacement (ask him about it – no, don’t ask him about it, you know Peter, he’ll tell you about it for like 15 minutes), the winter brought fewer customers and then El Nino or Global Warming or whatever is bringing them back – well, El Nino and our enhanced BBQ seitan (the dopeness, inspired by Horizons Restaurant)