Raul – because Fidel was sooo 2009


Coup de Taco was established as a revolutionary concept – revolution against the status quo, really.

We seek not to overthrow any government, but rather to depose the State of American Taste Buds and Health Consciousness. The Burger is boring and unhealthy – off with its head! The Salad is healthy but boring – off with its head! The Mexican Taco is cool but it’s been done before – like a million times – so we’ll keep him around as our court jester…

And so, for a long time we thought about naming all our tacos after world leaders who led coups against the status quo, usually taking down the sitting government. Well, we thought and thought and couldn’t come up with appropriate names until this week we released the “Raul.” The Raul is our Cuban ropa vieja taco made with pulled beef in a tomato broth with thinly sliced green peppers and onions, served alongside some garlic-y Cuban beans. We’re calling it Raul because Fidel was so 2009, so last decade, so last half century. We’re not political commentators but from what I’ve read in the Economist, Raul seems to be moving the country in the right direction, and every so slightly against the previous status quo. Funny how sometimes these revolutionaries stage coup d’ etats, overthrowing everything established about the state, only to bring decades of a new status quo to countries that desperately need dynamism and growth. I guess my political stance is: change and always be changing, never be content with what was going on last year, push ourselves forward at all times, question authority, question everyone who tells you facts, research those facts and see if “facts” aren’t really facts but are just propaganda that lobbyists are pushing.

Last year you might have had a cheese burger from McDonald’s and this year you should eat El Raul, which has beef but also has a healthy portion of black beans, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and onions. You should eat Raul on a whole wheat tortilla, or better yet, you should order our newly redesigned BBQ seitan, which is most likely the healthiest dish on our menu (from a caloric perspective at least). The point is, what once seemed revolutionary in previous years (Castro’s take over of Cuba, the concept of getting a quick hamburger in 2 minutes from a roadside stand, etc) can become really lame-o in the present moment when no one is questioning it.

Question authority, question our tacos if you want, question the wisdom of the masses because masses often do foolish things to create mass harm (like eating millions upon millions of cheeseburgers every year). Always be moving forward.