Thai Chicken and Life


The first taco we ever tried to make was the Thai chicken taco. I remember our friend and sole advisor at the time, Josh Kowitt, telling us that it was a good taco and that we should keep on going with our biz plan but that this version was not fit to sell to the public. My first instinct was to abandon that recipe and move on to something new. A few days later I raided my mom’s recipe book and pulled out the original recipe for what is now our BBQ Pulled Pork. We kept cooking and trying new recipes and kept getting decent but not amazing feedback from our friends. Some recipes were better than others but nothing much stood out other than my mom’s time-tested BBQ.

There was something in the back of my head though, telling me to try a Thai chicken recipe again so I did but I used some different ingredients the second time. People were more into it the second time around but Richie didn’t like the bell peppers in it or the consistency of the broth so we sat down and did some additional brainstorming. We made a new version and it was so salty you couldn’t eat it but I could tell there was something under all the salt that was beautiful and I wanted to uncover it.

I remember sitting in front of about five different Thai chicken recipes and wondering how to match and replace ingredients to get the best combination out of all the chaos. I had to make another version with a new combo and finally something great popped out of the wok. I wound up going through the same process with the BBQ sauce and the Tikka Masala (including more iterations of the seitan than you can imagine, in fact, we’re still experimenting with both BBQ and Tikka seitan almost every day).

Finally, I realized that rather than abandoning a recipe that didn’t work the first or second time I should keep at the same theme over and over until the hidden beauty comes to light. There have been way too many things in my life that I abandoned prematurely while saying to myself, “good riddance.” The truth though is that I may have left some of the most beautiful things abandoned, covered in a salty broth, just waiting to shine through. Relationships, jobs, art projects, blog posts – from now on I’m not giving up, I’m just trying it with a little extra garlic next time.