Coup and the terrible horrible no good very bad day


I haven’t written a blog for a while because we have been so busy working on the truck. People seem to be really enjoying the food, the music and the Coup de Taco atmosphere. Everything seemed to be going well until today. Chooppie, our truck, needed a little propane refill so Jeff and I left extra early to bring her to the filling station. I stayed behind to get the kitchen ready for the day and parked my car at the metered spot behind the vending zone. I would like to note that we now have close to $400 of parking tickets on my car since we started a little over a month ago.

I finally get to the kitchen, stick my hand in my pocket, and realize I don’t have the keys. Meanwhile, Jeff has arrived at the filling station to find out that the part we ordered hasn’t come in and that they wouldn’t be able to fill one of the tanks. Great start to the day so far. So Jeff finally finishes with the propane and heads back to the vending zone on 40th between Spruce and Locust. I get there early to help him parallel park Chooppie, which is a ridiculous task, and I spot a little yellow Neon with a piece sign on the bumper in our vending zone. Remember the parking authority?… well they are nowhere to be found! I call an unnamed Philadelphia department and get someone on the phone so we can get this car towed. The woman on the phone tells me that it isn’t their responsibility and that if I want them moved I should call the police. So I asked for the number and she told me to just call 911!!!!! Seriously bro?

The truck eventually gets open close to on time despite the set backs. Lunch rush begins and we realize that we have no basil, and apparently neither does Fresh Grocer. Wild goose chase for basil ensues. Once the basil nightmare ends, we settle into serving lunch. After a rough morning all is good again in Coupland. That was until Jeff served Justin his Tikka Masala Seitan Taco. Which was unfortunately a Chicken Tikka Masala. After running around searching for Justin, Jeff came back unsuccessful and I quote “He will either come back now to complain or he will never come back again.” He didn’t come back. (Justin we apologize and really hope we can win back your business)

All of these bad things were overcome and the day took on true meaning when I gave Gilbert his first free taco. Gilbert is a homeless guy who I see walking by the truck a lot. He is always smiling despite some clear adversity in his life. I offered him a green tea and a water a couple weeks ago and he thanked me with all his heart, introduced himself and was on his way. Yesterday Gilbert’s smile after taking that first bite was a refreshing reminder that life is good. It’s all what you make of the situations you are presented with.

What I learned today is that shit is bound to happen. It’s how you adapt and roll with the punches that makes your business into a successful one. At Coup de Taco we work hard to make sure you are enjoying the food and the experience. We thank you for all your support. Savor the Conquest.