Kitchen Equipment Part I


In an effort to keep start up costs down we decided to check out some used kitchen equipment for our commissary and truck. We needed a steam table and some utensils for the truck and a whole bunch of pots, pans, knives and various other cooking equipment for our commissary. Jeff scheduled an appointment and as we followed directions to this “store” I realized we would soon be in the heart of Chester, PA. The “store” turned out to be a decrepit old warehouse run by the creepiest dude I’ve ever met in my life.

When he quoted us a very high number for the minimal cooking stuff we found I tried to talk him down by claiming the stuff was used. That didn’t get us far, the creepy guy proceeded to tell me “I am used, 68 years old and I still get laid 3 times a week. Heck I look better than you do.” We decided to pass on the dirty used equipment and on the way out Jeff asked to wash his hands. I quote again “you come in here, spend no money and expect to be able to wash your hands? I don’t think so.” Are you serious bro? What a canoe! Add another ridiculous character and experience to our list.