Social Experiment


I’ve always been very intrigued by consumer psychology and the role it plays in driving traffic to your retail location. Our goal is to create a social buzz around our truck that stems from a combination of a diverse menu of healthy unique items, superior customer service and sheer entertainment. With regard to entertainment, trying to figure out the fine line between what is oddly funny and what is oddly uncomfortable drove me to wear this outfit out in center city this weekend.

I know that silly costumes and pranks are typically pretty funny or will at least get normal people to crack a smile. The question becomes, how obvious do you have to be to ensure people know that it’s a costume, prank or joke. I found out pretty quickly that unless it’s pretty damn obvious people feel really uncomfortable. Even people I knew were hesitant to say anything about the painful haircut (wig) I had. I quote one girl when I asked her “is my haircut offending you?” she replied “yes! It is making my crotch hurt!” I realized that something that seemed hilarious to me, Jeff and Richie was just that, only hilarious to us. In fact, a wig like this could have driven people away from the truck if they didn’t know it was a joke.

Long story short; you will know when I am goofing off and having fun. That way you can goof off and have fun with us!