Taco Passion


A few weeks ago at a bar I heard myself utter the words, “I’m passionate about tacos”. As I felt the phrase fall from my lips I had to step back and think about how I could have gotten to a place in my life where those four words made sense together. Under what circumstances would anyone in their right mind tell another human being that they were passionate about tacos? Maybe in some sort of roll playing scenario that involved a Mexican delivery woman? I was just watching a special on TLC about the world’s fattest man who happened to be Mexican. I bet he expressed his love for tortilla wrapped fillings during his journey from mobile to bed bound.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in either of those two situations so I still had no excuse. How did my conversations with Peter about the lack of “late-night” food in Philadelphia and Jeff’s desire to start a vegetarian fast food establishment turn into us selling tacos from a twenty-foot box truck in the middle of the afternoon? To tell you the truth…I’m not exactly sure…but I like it.

Actually, now that I’m writing this, the origins of our conquest are starting to come back to me. We had begun to focus on this idea just as the summer was getting started. One of summer’s many perks involves the always popular “Center City Sips”, the program where local watering holes kindly give young professionals yet another excuse to drink heavily during the middle of the week. Thank you bar owners.

Although we were consciously pursuing the idea of starting a food business, the plan took serious flight when we determined that “taco tastings” were a perfect way to convince beautiful young ladies that it was a good idea to come back to Peter’s apartment to hang out with us. We figured that the combination of our dashing good looks, the idea of freshly prepared tacos and the effects of drinking 7 ½ beers in 40 minutes would be enough to entice any sane woman. More importantly, the power of this concept drove us to experiment with recipes and organize our operations. A few strangers we’d met at the bar quickly turned into a handful of friends and soon enough the entire backyard was full of amazing people having a great time and enjoying great food. Perfect. I guess I am passionate about tacos.